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The Incredible World of Plastic & Signage

Plastic is a familiar thing to most of us in the world today and its many uses (including Plastic Signage) are nothing short of incredible!

The first totally synthetic plastic material was invented by Leo Baekeland, who was a Belgium chemist living in New York. Baekeland had already made a name for himself and become rich as well as famous by inventing the first commercially successful photography paper, which he sold to George Eastman of Eastman Kodak fame for a cool $1 million. With that kind of bank roll, Baekeland was able to devote his time to the invention and development of other things, such as plastic.

So, what does plastic mean to you and your business? Well, that depends on your business but chances are that you use at least some type of plastic product in some aspect of your business.

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Types of Plastics and Their Uses

You might be amazed at all of the different types of plastics and the many applications for them! Here are some of the ways plastics may be put to use in your business or even around your home:

  • Cast Acrylic – Well known brands of cast acrylics are Perspex and Plexiglass. These might be used in a variety of things, including pool fencing, Screen door wind protectors, table tops, white/menu boards, Bain Marie doors, mirrors, signage, brochure holders, light boxes/covers (Opal), boat windscreens (clear or tinted), shower recess (white acrylic–must use clear silicone to fix), fish tanks/lids and lettering.
  • Polycarbonate – This is a high impact plastic. Lexan is a well known brand. Some uses include boat windscreens, doggy doors, door guards, (use where vandalism may be an issue), light boxes, pool fencing, signage, screen protectors, render & concrete boards or shapers.
  • Foam PVC – Well known brands include Celluka, Foamex, Forex and Signex.
    May be used for signage, pin notice boards.
  • Rigid PVC – (Acid Resistant) Might be used for battery boxes/covers, skirting boards, kick plates, wall coverings, doggy bag dispensers and mail boxes.
  • Film PVC – Polyvinylchloride: (full sheets only) This might be used for
    Protector masks for spray painting & sand blasting, thermo forming. (schools)
  • Polyethylene – Polythene or polyethene) HDPE High Density Polyethylene, Sanatec. Might be used for chopping/bait boards, transom plates (for outboards on boats), boats runners, block outs, tank lids.
  • Corflute Brand – Might be used for Real Estate Signs and Signage. (Full sheets only)
  • Expanded Polystyrene Foam – Might be used for block outs, under fish tanks and insulation in garage door panels. (Half and full sheets only)
  • Depron Foam – Full sheets only, used in model making.

These are only some of the types of plastic materials that play such a huge role in the world around us.

Plastic Signage & Fabrication

Sunquest Signs is the go-to place on the Sunshine Coast for plastics, with a broad range of products that may be planed to a smooth finish or available in a wide variety of thicknesses, or cut to your specifications. In addition to many types of plastics, Sunquest also has a great selection of plastic extrusions such as rod, tube, angle, plus adhesives.

No matter what type of plastic you need, contact Sunquest Signs now for the best prices on the best products, with the best service found anywhere in Australia!

Plastic Fabrication & Signage Sunshine Coast