Wayfinding Signs

Simple, Readable Directional Signage

Sunquest Signs manufacture wayfinding signs that will quickly and efficiently guide people where they want to go.

Wayfinding signage is a necessary component of any public space. We create solutions to give people a clear overview of their location and prevent them from becoming overwhelmed in unfamiliar environments. Simplicity is essential, and our team will ensure your signs have high readability and cater to people of all reading and comprehension abilities.

Our team manufactures all wayfinding sign types, including identification, directional, informational and regulatory. We will ensure your signage viewers feel confident navigating their surroundings in various public situations, from festivals to shopping centres.

We can customise your wayfinding signage to suit the space and situation and represent your business or organisation.

Contact Sunquest Signs to learn more about our solutions to eliminate directional confusion in stressful, high-traffic areas.

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